Today’s Inspiration

Living in the Now When Now Feels Frightening

It has been a long time since I actually had words to share that I believe might send out a ripple that resonates. I have been mostly silent in response to all of the disastrous news during these last couple of months. I call it disastrous news because that is how it comes to us. So many people are being affected by natural disasters in ways that have been devastating to them and their families; so many are suffering from the effects of cruel and abusive behavior from other humans.

Knowing that I do not want to add to the clamor of suffering and also knowing that I cannot ignore that people are in pain and living in deep fear, I have been letting it wash through me. It gets stuck otherwise and I would just be another desperate voice demanding and insisting that people and situations change. I appreciate all of the people who are using their voices and are clear and know exactly what it is they need to do. For me, aside from working on forgiveness and compassion, (which are actually active ways of being) I am not going to jump into an action that feels like it is a reaction.

I would like to propose that acknowledging that our world is changing and that we are a part of it is a very big step. We have to come to grips with the fact that the way that we have been, collectively, needs to change. Our lack of awareness, of communication skills, of an ability to see and hear others has built up walls that must come tumbling down. They are coming tumbling down and not in a neat and orderly way at all. It appears that we are in crisis at every turn. Crisis is a catalyst if we can find our footing. If we can take one step at a time, one breath at a time and move towards releasing the one thing that hurts the most in the moment, we will start to remember that we are capable. We will start to remember that we are not alone. We will become a little more expansive in our thinking and being.

Where do you turn in crisis? I guess that depends on whether or not you believe you are here to help and that you can be helped. I have said before and will remind you again that we are all connected. It is no mistake that we are on the earth at this time. This is a time of change, of realization. It is a time to let go of our addictions, to become more open and present to love. That will look different for everybody.

In my Body & Soul Practice, I see the evidence that each one of us is here to do our own particular work in order to help move humanity forward towards a more loving and gracious way of being. Whether that means we sink into the pain we feel in our body/mind in order to let it go or whether we joyously celebrate the blessings we have in our lives, it is all a part of the web of what must happen to leave the old ways of suffering, blaming and comparing.

Listen to the awareness of your super smart body. It is normal and natural to feel hip, foot, and leg pain when we are trying to leave some history behind (gluteal muscles), when we are trying to step towards something new or to desperately hold on to the old (legs/feet). If your shoulders ache, what responsibility do you need to share or let go of? A stiff neck often indicates that you have been unable to see all sides of a situation or that you have long been quiet about something that needs to come out. Do your hands and wrists hurt? Are you gripping at life so hard that nothing good can possible reach you? When we start taking responsibility for what is happening within ourselves (the microcosm) we have more attention for the world we are in (macrocosm).

It is time. It is time to allow ourselves the opportunity to change, to face our fears, to see the truths that we wish were not so, and to begin to thrive, share, and support one another through these dark hours. Is it your job to bring light? Yes, I believe it is. Bring light to yourself and it will ripple out.

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