Body & Soul Health Solutions

For those who are seeking relief from pain or stress, or simply longing for a deeply relaxing experience; you have found the right place. It is my pleasure to provide you with a treatment that best suits your needs. You are meant to be a healthy, joyful, inspired being; any obstacles are merely transitory. Let me help you return to your natural state of being.

Elizabeth Jackson, LMT, RMT


Elizabeth Jackson LMT, RMT, co-owner of Center for Balanced Living

Elizabeth Jackson is a licensed professional Massage Therapist and Energy Worker  who enjoys assisting others to achieve their own aspects of well-being through body and energy work. She owns and operates Body & Soul Health Solutions offering Massage Thereapy, Reiki sessions, Craniosacral Therapy, Tarot Readings and EFT sessions. She also facilitates regular Reiki Shares, group meditations, and workshops in Self-Care Health Care.

Check out Body & Soul’s Facebook page: Body & Soul Health Solutions

You can reach Elizabeth at (207) 781-5100 or e-mail:

You can also book an appointment on line at:, click on the “Schedule an Appointment” tab, scroll down, and click on “SCHEDULE NOW”.

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